Tim Ailwood - The Quiet Invasion - Friday 8th June

In conversation with Jack Ellis

The Quiet Invasion is a detailed but accessible history of the birth of modern Australia.

Covering the first four years of the English invasion of New South Wales, from 1788 to 1792, this book attempts to simply answer the question: What really happened after the First Fleet arrived?

It is the story of first contact with a people whose culture stretches forty millennia. It is the story of disease and starvation; tragedy and resilience; misunderstandings and bloody mindedness. The Quiet Invasion explodes the many myths surrounding the infant years of the convict settlement on the shores of Sydney Cove. For instance: who knew that as many soldiers were hanged in the first years of the penal colony as convicts? Who knew that the invaders were welcomed to country by every indigenous group they would encounter?

The narrative unfolds, month by month, often week by week, sometimes day by day as the interaction between invader and invaded developed. The Quiet Invasion also chronicles the men and women banished to an alien shore who eked out their lives and built a colony in one of the most unusual enterprises in British history. The book is a celebration of our national story, something we should embrace and understand until any true reconciliation can be achieved shining a light not only on the familiar figures in our history but little known people without whom our history might have been different.

The Quiet Invasion is a fascinating story of our eighteenth century origins and a must-read for any student of Australian history.


Date and time: Friday 8th June, 6pm for 6.30pm

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