Anna Cristina Pertierra - Media Anthropology in the Digital Age - Friday 2nd March

In conversation with Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner & Professor Heather Horst

Celebrating the launch of the new book, Media Anthropology for the Digital Age by Anna Cristina Pertierra.

Once regarded as the particular realm of anthropologists, ethnography has become a method of choice across much of the humanities and social sciences. In recent years, the explosion of digital media has prompted many researchers to turn to ethnography as a framework for explaining new mediated and cultural practices. But what exactly are the promises of ethnography? And what are its limits? Who gets to decide what ethnography should look like? How has it evolved within and across the different fields of anthropology, media studies and cultural studies? This conversation among three leading media researchers serves to launch the new book Media Anthropology for the Digital Age. All are welcome.

About the book:
The field of anthropology took a long time to discover the significance of media in modern culture. In this important new book, Anna Pertierra tells the story of how a field – once firmly associated with the study of esoteric cultures – became a central part of the global study of media and communication. She recounts the rise of anthropological studies of media, the discovery of digital cultures, and the embrace of ethnographic methods by media scholars around the world. Bringing together longstanding debates in sociocultural anthropology with recent innovations in digital cultural research, this book explains how anthropology fits into the story and study of media in the contemporary world. It charts the mutual disinterest and subsequent love affair that has taken place between the fields of anthropology and media studies in order to understand how and why such a transformation has taken place. Moreover, the book shows how the theories and methods of anthropology offer valuable ways to study media from a ground-level perspective and to understand the human experience of media in the digital age.   BUY THE BOOK


Date and time: Friday 2nd March, 6pm for 6.30pm

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