Ernest Macintyre - The Unimportance of Being Earnest - Saturday 3rd March

To be launched by Ayesha Jane Earey

As in Oscar Wilde’s ,The Importance Of Being Earnest, here are two close Sri Lankan friends, who also like in Wilde are unaware, till the end, that they are blood brothers. The difference is that the Asian blood brothers are of different ethnicities, which have fought each other savagely in Sri Lanka for about thirty years.

“We see here two blood brothers, one Aryan, the other Dravidian. (Pause) Ernest Keethaponcalan, found in a carry bag as neither Aryan nor Dravidian, evolved by adoption, through language and culture into a Tamil. His brother evolved in the same way into a Sinhalese. Our ethnicities reveal social attributes, not biological differences.”

Hence The Unimportance Of Being Earnest about Aryan and Dravidian. As in Wilde all told through classy comedy.

Ayesha Jane Earey will speak on how our ethnicities are circumstantially acquired cultures, not biological differences. She will then invite members of the gathering to give their views on the subject.


Date and time: Saturday 3rd March, 3.30pm for 4pm

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